Art Tutoring

Individual Art Lesson: $25 ea. 


Package of (4ea.) Lessons: $90

Each lesson is broken into two 30 minute sessions. The first session is for the introduction of the medium, questions, and practice time. The second 30 minute session is for the "critique"- a review of what the art student has completed, as well as further training/discussion offered as to how to continue their practice. A lecture about the medium is part of every session, as well as hand-outs and/or links for the students to refer to for more information. The goal is for each student to begin to "master" the medium of their choice, allowing them to further work with their creativity in the best way they choose.

All lessons will be tutored via Zoom until my studio reopens to the public. 

Digital Illustration tutoring

Learn how to work with the app called "Procreate" and find out all it has to offer. This responsibly priced, user-friendly app is a wonderful resource for those artists who want to learn the latest way to complete fine art illustrations. *Uploading the app to your iPad or tablet must be done before the lesson can begin.


Colored Pencil tutoring

This medium is one of the most versatile to use and easy to learn. Find out how the use a small pallet of colored pencils can create an amazing variety of colors, textures and styles in your artworks.


Graphite tutoring

Graphite is the artists' go-to when it comes to learning about value, highlights, shadows and textures when completing a work of art. It's classic style is a favorite among artists and patrons alike. Find out more about how this simple medium can create such amazing beauty.

Payments can be made via PayPal, Venmo, or any major credit card.

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